What Do CPAs & Accountants Do After Tax Preparation Season Is Over?

Tax season is over, and you survived. Congratulations. Whether you are a business owner or an accountant or CPA, tax preparation season can feel like it comes too fast, lasts too long, and leaves you feeling completely drained. At George A. Spencer, CPA P.A., we get it. We’ve been helping small businesses in the Jacksonville area with elite tax preparation services and more for almost 25 years.

In today’s post, we’re going to take some time to recognize the seasoned tax veterans and the newly minted accountants who just survived their first tax season, all while helping small business owners gain a better sense of just exactly what it is that CPAs and accountants do once tax season is over.

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Financial Planning For The Coming Year

As a CPA, the work really never stops. Businesses everywhere still need help with financial planning for the coming year. Whether they are conducting tax planning to take full advantage of their situation for next year, creating a plan to help them reach a specific financial goal, or simply working to understand and analyze financial data from previous years in order to make better decisions this year, there is a lot of work for a CPA to do.

CPAs are tax and accounting specialists who can provide the knowledge, audits, and recommendations that small businesses need to take the next step in their growth and development.

Help Clients With Post Tax Season Challenges

Although the April deadline traditionally marks the terminus of tax season, the truth is that tax season for a small business ends when the IRS says it ends.

Not everyone makes the deadline, and sometimes, extensions need to be filed on a business’ behalf. Sometimes, despite making the deadline this year, businesses are still working on taxes from years gone by.

Another way that CPAs continue to help small business owners with their post-tax season todo list is by providing guidance for IRS disputes. In the case of George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A., we have a licensed tax attorney and CPA on staff who can actually litigate your IRS resolution or dispute, not just point you in the right direction.

For a CPA, tax season doesn’t really ever end, it just slows down a little bit.

Provide Routine Small Business Accounting Services

Even when the tax man isn’t knocking on the door, there are still plenty of day to day and week to week small business accounting services that companies need to manage. Understanding, balancing, and managing the financial and legal aspects of your business is no small task. That’s why accountants and CPAs, like George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A., are here to help with the routine services that keep your business running.

Here in Jacksonville, we offer the following small business accounting services and legal help all year long.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales Tax Services
  • QuickBooks Services
  • Accounting Audits and Reviews
  • IRS Resolution
  • Litigation Support
  • And More!

Work on Continuing Education & Professional Development

Just like many other professional paths, continuing education is a crucial aspect of providing the best small business accounting and legal services available.

Local, state, and federal laws are always changing in regards to taxes and small business. To keep abreast of all the changes, accountants and CPAs must continue to invest time and energy into learning how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of tax and business law. This is so important that continuing professional education, or CPE, is actually mandated for CPAs by each state’s Board of Accountancy.

For young accountants who are working on advancing their careers, the end of tax season is the perfect time to focus on studying and taking courses to achieve their CPA.

Take A Much Needed Vacation

For many accountants and CPAs, the word “vacation” can seem like a bit of a mirage in the desert. With so much to do all year long and with only so many hours in the day, taking some time away can feel stressful.

However, if there was ever a good time for an accountant or CPA to enjoy a vacation or some much needed time with friends and family, it’s after the end of tax season. After all, who doesn’t think that some time on the beach sounds nice after three straight months of 70-hour work weeks?

Talk To Our Experts About Accounting For Your Small Business

Even if a member of our team has been convinced to take some time away and remember how to relax in the sun, we still have people here to help you and your small business with the myriad of small business accounting services that you need.

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