We Can Help Your Small Business Thrive With These 4 Services

We Can Help Your Small Business Thrive With These 4 Services

George A. Spencer, CPA provides a myriad of small business tax services in Jacksonville, so you can focus on growing your business! Forget mundane tasks and long hours spent combing through your finances, and leave the accounting to us. Explore how your small business can thrive with us!

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Tax Planning

Are you ready for tax season? Don’t wait until the last minute to get your business taxes in order, and work with the tax specialists at George A. Spencer, CPA to create a tax plan that supports your business.

We work with you throughout the year, slowly fulfilling your tax planning needs — forget hiring someone who just comes into play during tax season!

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Tax Preparation

Stay on top of your taxes and dive deep into small business tax preparation with George A.Spencer, CPA. We’ll track expenses and deductions all while gathering the necessary documents to begin filing. Gain peace of mind knowing that your taxes will be well prepared before this year’s deadline!

accountant filing taxes

Tax Filing

After planning and preparing for your business's taxes, it is time to officially file your taxes. Make tax season a piece of cake and let George A. Spencer, CPA handle it for you! With over two decades of experience, peace of mind around tax season can be done!

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IRS Resolution

From improperly filing or missing the filing date to dealing with a tax audit, tax issues can be overwhelming and scary for small business owners. With our extensive experience of over 20 years dealing with taxes as IRS resolution experts, we make sure that you do not have to deal with the IRS alone! Get this important service when you need it the most.

Modern business taxes don’t have to be intimidating! With the right people in place, you can plan, prepare, file, and get the IRS resolution you need. Partner with George A. Spencer, CPA today!